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Accelerated Treatment Systems

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Accelerated Treatment Systems

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Stop Addiction Cravings - For Most in Hours




Welcome to Accelerated Treatment Systems

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  • We understand your fear, still call us today, we can and will help immediately to end the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol.
  • Sion Nobel, M.D. completes the implant in his office in 10 minutes.
  • No 28-day stay at a treatment or detox facility, no group meetings, only one on one support.
  • No need to explain to your employer, friends or family members why you have to be gone for a month or more.
  • Get your life back on track TODAY. Our program is Safe, Painless, Fast and Effective. Don’t wait, Call Us Now 310 945 7414
  • STOP the cravings that lead to addiction starting today. We will do the hard part for you, implanting a small, safe, proven successful medical tablet that stops your desire to use Opiates and Alcohol.

Stop the addiction insanity in ONLY a FEW HOURS! Sion Nobel M.D. offers an accelerated treatment system that stops the addiction insanity in a few hours!. Our fast, painless program is available immediately. Once we complete your in-office assessment consult, we will decide if any detox period is required for which we offer an outpatient medication assisted detox that’s designed to keep the uncomfortable detox feelings to a minimum. This medical detox is part of your overall program; others offer this service for thousands of dollars extra, we offer it to you at No Additional Cost.

This is the perfect medication assisted program for Business People, Family Members, Soccer Moms and Professionals who require total anonymity and fast results.

Don’t Let Drugs and Alcohol destroy Your Business, Your Job, Your Marriage, and Your Family

Our Outpatient Accelerated Addiction Detox System Can Stop
Your Use of:
Alcohol – Opiates – Pain Pills – Suboxone – Heroin – and
more. Your cravings will stop in usually a few hours.

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Stop Addiction in Few Hours!

What Our Patients Say About Us

Art - Addiction Patient

"For myself, as a skeptical individual, battling an addiction undenounced to my comprehension, suddenly there was a glimmer of light…
For about my most of my adult life I could say I have had an urge or crave for something, whether it was a cigarette or cocaine, but not as much as I have for cocaine recently in the following years. To my knowledge, I thought I was fine and that it was manageable. At some point, it eventually wasn’t, and I was no longer in denial about it. Somehow I heard about a treatment that was described to me as “the magical pill.” I was referred to Dr. Nobel's office and learned that a simple chip implant could be the answer to my problems. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, but truth be told that I am 10 days in and everything they explained is true. I no longer have an urge or crave chasing my addictions, and I feel naturally better and excited to continue my life where I left off. I am just amazed about this entire experience being too good to be true, but my gut feeling was right and I knew that this was probably one of the best decisions I've made in my entire life. I'm aware that this is still a battle, but at least one that I can control now and make better conscious decisions from here on out. Just needed a jump start to get there. I’m thankful and blessed and want to especially thank Dr. Nobel and Gary for all their support and undivided attention."


One call to our office and our knowledgeable staff will answer your questions to determine how our addiction services will meet your needs.

There are three steps to your success:

We will schedule a free appointment to have you come to our office, complete a pre-treatment assessment and meet with Sion Nobel, MD. Dr. Nobel will review your medical history, answer any additional questions, and we will walk you through the entire process. Dr. Noble will monitor you for the term of the program including follow-up visits and availability to him and his knowledgeable, caring staff should you need to speak with them about any issues. We understand that the words fear and detox normally go hand in hand. Dr. Noble is an expert in the field of Drug and Alcohol abuse. He has been working with Alcohol and Drug patients since 1985 when he was the medical director of the rehabilitation center at Valley Hospital in Van Nuys, CA. You will be in great hands with a knowledgeable, caring, doctor who understands your pain and concerns.

Next, we will schedule a time to complete the simple implant process. The Implant process takes 15 to 20 minutes, a small pellet is painlessly implanted under your skin in the fatty tissue at the base of your belly while you are in the doctor’s office. If your assessment suggests you need a few days to detox first, we offer a Free outpatient detox process included in your program designed to keep any discomfort to a minimum. Accelerate Treatment Systems uses specific medicines, a specialized detox apparatus, plus a proprietary combination of holistic supplements and body cleansing products. Complete the detox in a few days.

Long-Term Support: We are with you through the entire process, and to help insure your long-term sobriety, we have a counseling program where you work with a licensed counselor to build the tools necessary to maintain long-term sobriety. It’s one on one counseling, based on your schedule, no group meetings or 28-day hospital/treatment facility stays. Our powerful counseling program is included in Dr. Nobel’s proprietary addiction-breaking program. Our program works, let us help you get you back to a normal life free of drugs and alcohol. Call us now and be FREE of the addiction trap that is destroying your life in only a few hours.? Anonymous, painless, stops your out of control cravings in a few hours and you can begin sober living TODAY.

Financing Available.
For Insurance, check with your provider for coverage.

NOTE: Begin the 3-step process on a Monday to complete any detox necessary and the next Monday, get the implant and quit craving!

We also have the answer if you are still dealing with pain! We understand. Now we can help you stop the pain and the pain pill insanity all at the same time. Dr. Nobel is a nationally recognized Stem Cell Treatment Expert. Using Stem Cells and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), we can end your pain issues, in most cases, quickly and affordably and then assist you to stop the Pain Pill roller coaster. We are the only clinic offering these state of the art services in combination. Ask about special discounted pricing available when you use both services together. We are proud to make this unique program available to you.


THE BOTTOM LINE - Does This Really Work, Cravings and Addiction Relief in Only a Few Hours??  Over 10,000 patients  have stopped without encountering any major challenges. We offer professional personalized support right from your very first phone call. We are addiction experts serving Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for over 35 years. 

You will have the ability to stop your cravings in just a few hours.
Call the experts now and be FREE of the addiction trap that is destroying your life in only a few hours

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